Zhucheng Zhaoyang machinery co., LTD

             Sunrise machinery co., LTD is located in zhucheng in shandong province zhucheng shun king street development zone, is the production of various large, medium and small slaughter processing complete sets of equipment of the professional company. Company has a perfect design, development, testing and production of products and has a strong technical force, advanced process design level and quality of slaughtering equipment and first-class installation level, is the domestic representative slaughter machinery industry enterprises.

             Company aiming and tracking slaughter processing of advanced technology at home and abroad, go to digest - attract - combination of independent innovation and development of roads, on the basis of similar products at home and abroad, constantly updating and transformation. Company mainly undertake the chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, sheep slaughtering, segmentation production line design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical training and a series of services, and provide the slaughtering production of full set and accessories.


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